The Blue Plate Diner Reflects the sense of the community

Bob Modes has a belief that the Blue Plate Diner should reflect the sense of community that can bring neighborhoods and its people together, over food, over conversation, in celebration.

Go to Livonia Spree and there is Bob and his staff winning the People’s Choice Award for their pulled pork sandwiches, stop by the Senior Center and there is Bob and his staff providing lunch for a special holiday celebration. Recognizing and giving back to the community.

Check out the Patriotic Wall and see pictures of veterans going back to the Civil War. Check out the young student who chose to hang his award winning essay on Veterans on the Blue Plate Patriotic Wall.

Recognizing veterans and giving back to their families.

The Blue Plate Diner does embody that sense of community where people can meet, mingle, dine; sharing moments that creates memories.

Just what diners used to do. Bring people together to enjoy community.

Dine In -or- Carry Out, Catering & Private Parties !!