The Blue Plate Diner gives you that hometown feeling

Every city has the franchise restaurants on just about every major road. They are the quick dining choice for many families because, well they are ubiquitous. They are everywhere.

But taking the easy route for lunch or dinner might leave you wanting something different— you know that desire many of us have for a small-town, locally owned diner that serves a meal with personality.

That was what drove Bob Modes to open the Blue Plate Diner in 2012. He wanted to walk out of the kitchen and walk over to a customer, pull up a chair and talk about the children or grandchildren; maybe talk about the upcoming community concert or football game between hometown schools.

Heck, Bob Modes just likes to see people he knows or meet someone for the first time and welcome them to his diner.

And most every night you can find Bob’s parents, mom and dad Modes dining on the daily special, sharing dinner with sons or daughters, nephews and nieces or old friends.

On Sunday the regulars come in after church, one night you might find a city councilman or recreation leader or non-profit executive. You just never know.

This is the dream of Bob. A small, hometown diner giving you great food with great service and that small town hometown feeling.

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